About Feline Lifeline For South Carolina

A 501(c)3 non-profit feral cat rescue organization

We believe that the only solution to end the euthanasia of tens of thousands of unwanted cats and kittens every year is through effective spay/neuter programs and public education. While our main focus is and will always be on feeding and caring for the forgotten and abandoned animals living on the streets, we are also interested in helping the offspring of these animals by removing them from the streets and placing them in good homes.

Our group primarily focuses on managing and caring for feral or semi-wild cat populations. We always attempt to remove any kittens young enough to be tamed, vet them and then offer them for adoption. We use humane trapping techniques to capture, vet and then release the feral adults. Removing the sick and sterilizing the healthy to prevent out of control breeding. This form of population control is both humane and cost effective.

Our Mission is to eliminate the need to destroy these animals by preventing the gross overpopulation caused by uncontrolled breeding. We endeavor to educate the public and to make Trap Neuter and Return (TNR) fully understood, accepted and practiced – everywhere.

Welcome to our website.
Here you will find information about Feline Lifeline for South Carolina, feral cats, feral rescue, managed feral cat colonies and feral population control via our trap neuter and release rescue efforts here in the South Carolina upstate area.